Please examine my services offered below, Of course a “custom service” package could be arranged for your specialized needs.I have an extensive background in property management and property consulting throughout the United States.


  • Finance structuring.
  • Refinancing.

Equity Investors:

  • Market & demographic analysis.
  • Volume projections.
  • Budget plans.
  • Land selection.
  • Site approvals.


  • Site plan design.
  • Architectural rendering.


  • Bid gathering.
  • Bid analysis.
  • Engineer selection.

Construction Management:

  • General contracting.
  • Sub contractors selection.

Perhaps you have Capital, you have Property, You want to turn your property into a lucrative cash cow.

Maybe you own some property but you need seed money to grow it into something that will allow you to maximize your profit potential.

You might have a large amount of credit and you would like to use that credit to finance potential investment opportunities.

You have my guarantee: I will be with you every step of the way.

Park Avenue Consultants Des Moines IA