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“Moving into the new building is the realization of a long-held corporate goal. We are deeply appreciative to Park Avenue Consultants for making this dream become a reality. Dave Fegley negotiated the price and terms of our lot and building in a most efficient manner. We are extremely satisfied in all aspects of our dealings with Mr. Fegley and we certainly have no reservations in referring him to any business, small or large.”
Park Avenue Consultants Review
Amanda Mohler
“Dave, As a seller, I commend you on your ability to identify a purchaser who was able to quickly perform without re-trading on the sale price. I only wish I would have been aware of your company in the past; my job would certainly have been easier if all my sales transactions were completed in the manner that ours was, Thank You!”
Park Avenue Consultants Review
Steven Bishop Miller
Park Avenue Consultants is absolutely ‘top notch.’ Our lease in Jordan Creek Corporate Center would not have been consummated without the advice and counsel of Dave Fegley.”
Park Avenue Consultants Review
Frank Leopold
“We choose Dave Fegley for the job based on his experience in the market, his reputation as an excellent closer and strong recommendations from other professionals. Suffice it to say, We choose right!”
Park Avenue Consultants Review
Amilio Zurkust
“Over the past five years, Park Avenue Consultants has successfully completed many sales and subleases for my company, from a 15-acre lot in West Des Moines to a 3 building one-acre lot in Jordan creek. Dave Fegley has greatly assisted us in transforming non-earning real estate assets into earning assets. Mr. Fegley’s property and construction management techniques have saved us in time and money. I strongly recommend Park Avenue Consultants for your business needs.”
Park Avenue Consultants Review
Steve Bandencroft
desmoines iowa financial consultant