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We have an exciting investment opportunity. Altoona RV & Boat is ready to be developed! We are ready to construct.

Building size: 39,540 Square Feet

Property size: 142,396 Square Feet

Potential income: $400,000.00 annually

how much is spent on self storage in the united states
Monthly spending (in millions of dollars) on self storage construction 2013 to present. These investors know a good investment when they see one!

The storage market is a great way to invest that can lead to a high return on your investment. Traditional residential rentals can come with so many costs and legal headaches.

When the economy is having problems, people flock to storage facilities. When people need to downsize, they need a place to park their RVs, Campers, Motorhomes, Boats, etc. You can provide that much needed solution.

When the economy is doing great, people buy new toys and they need places to store them.

  • In good times or bad, people always need storage
  • According to SSA, 10% of households us storage
  • The storage industry generates almost $40 billion
  • Can provide a steady cash flow, regardless of economy
  • Average stay in a self-storage facility is 1-3 years
  • Turnover costs are much less than traditional rentals
  • No pets, no noise complaints, no expensive evictions
  • No tenants residing in your establishment
  • You set the hours, you set the rules, you’re in charge

These statistics can be found from various sources including: Sparefoot


Take a look at the pro forma below, feel free to download or print it. Jot down any questions you have and give me a call or send me a message. I’d love to speak with you about this exciting investment opportunity. 515-208-9205

Great Location!

Right next to the highway.

437 Adventureland Dr NE, Altoona, IA 50009

Large, Beautiful New Building.

Built to last. Quality products and time tested amenities will please you and your customers.

Building size: 39,540 Square Feet

Large, Accommodating Area.

Plenty of space for large boats, RVs, Motorhomes, Campers, Trailers, etc. No problem turning around, no matter the size.

Property size: 142,396 Square Feet

Ready To Be Developed

Turnkey business, great ROI without the traditional headaches of pets, residential evictions, tenants or toilets.

Potential income is $400,000.00 annually.

Some examples of our work.

★ Download the Altoona RV & Boat Pro Forma as a PDF or XLS

Altoona RV & Boat PROFORMA